black and white photography richmond va

Black and White photography is an image of the past, where everything was simpler. Even with the rise of color in photographs and film, today many artists still work with black and white to capture that nostalgia feel.

The original black and white photography happened when the industry was still new, and the camera all took monochrome photography. This meant that the camera could reflect light and capture it, but it could only show the amount of light, but not the hue of light. So, the entire thing just turned out grey.

This was the norm in film, photography, television, and other media as cameras simply weren’t advanced enough to start capturing colored images on the spectrum. Once the cameras got more advanced, black and white was largely left behind in favor of showing things in color. However, it has been used artistically by artists and filmmakers.

A lack of color can show off desolation, force people to focus on the details of the image, and can be used as a story device to show how environments and character’s change. For example, in the Wizard of Oz, the Kansas scenes in the real world were all in black and white, while the scenes in the fantastical land of Oz are all in bright colors.

Characters can also see the world in black and white initially during a film but then be turned onto color as their mindsets change. Basically, having black and white photography richmond va, makes people get up and take notice of it all. They are transported back in time, forced to look for the details, and it’s that hook that allows artists to draw the audience in.

So while black and white might be outdated, it’s certainly still around and powerful in the art world.